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Threads of MeiSi

Light Blue MeiSi SuperFine linen thread

Light Blue MeiSi SuperFine linen thread

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MEISI Super Fine Linen thread provides top quality for both machine or hand sewing. The choice of leathercrafters that look for the finest quality, literally even. Designed to produce a smooth unyielding thread, MEISI Super Fine Linen thread ensures a seamless experience that combines beauty and functionality.

The amount of wax on this thread is optimal for use in craftwork that demands the greatest attention to detail. With superior quality and feel, the stitching experience is made even more enjoyable. With a wide range of brilliant and classic colours, there is bound to be Super Fine quality to meet every creative need!

ThreadsOfMeisi is proud to bring this line of Super Fine Linen to crafters, doing our bit to bring the best quality to your creations.  

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