Shipping Policy 2023 Update

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your constant support and faith in Threads Of MeiSi! 

As we always emphasize, the Threads Of MeiSi team's primary focus is always on service and providing the very best to our friends! We are the proudest when friends that have made their orders through this website are happy with the products, and above all, the service.

However, we are unable to send every package to you by hand nor have the ability to ensure each package reaches you on time by our standards. Thus, practically, we need to utilise the global postal system as well as services like DHL. 


We thus would like to clarify about the shipping options we have had on the Threads Of MeiSi website: 


Standard Shipping is shipping done through the global postal system and facilitated by local post offices across the world.  

Do note that for Standard Shipping, there is strictly no refund given for any packages that are lost.

The postal shipping service is the default as we wish for the best value for our friends and this option has been relatively dependable with the lowest cost to our friends.


DHL Express

DHL Express is now available for orders globally with a rate pegged to your location. This would be a flat shipping rate offered by us at Threads Of MeiSi through DHL. (terms apply based on DHL surcharges)

For more than 200 countries & areas around the world, you would be able to choose this express delivery service.

We hope to use this service to provide a more dependable and efficient mode of delivering our awesome threads to all of our friends. The cost would be higher than the standard rates due to the nature of the service and how logistics costs have skyrocketed in recent times.

Please do send us a message if you would like to find out more about the express shipping option or would need any tailored solution for your order. We would be most happy and glad to be of service!

Thank you. As always, happy crafting!


Yours sincerely,

Threads Of MeiSi Team